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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  December 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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14 shot to de >> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. bernardino, california, 14 people dead, 17 injured in a shooting. dead, awo suspects third detained. one of the suspects was identified as sayed faroul.
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we are covering all angles of the investigation and what comes next. jonathan elias has what comes next. jonathan: there was a brief car chase. a that time, cnn and abc reporting the suspects were throwing tight bombs out of their vehicle at the police. that is how it ended. where it started was a facility that works with the developmentally disabled. perhaps three people with assault rifles and body armor walked into this facility that works with the development he the disabled and open fired. >> just shots being fired. jonathan: first responders racing to the scene and it took only minutes. in that time, the shooters were gone. people had opened fire on the 14 people who are dead, and upwards of 14 people injured. jonathan: the alarm bell sounded
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inside the building, warning people to lock themselves in their offices and hide. >> she came in next to her office, and they saw bodies on the floor. my daughter is in there in texted us about 30 minutes ago. jonathan: the police took the building and evacuated everyone. in the search began for the shooters were seen driving away in a dark full-sized suv. four hours later and a couple miles later, a pulled over a vehicle they thought was involved in there was a massive shootout. >> probably 100, 200 rounds. jonathan: one officer was hit, two suspects killed. one man, one woman. both were heavily armed. >> they were both armed with assault rifles and handguns. jonathan: the police are not sure if there was a third shooter and the fbi will not say if this was inspired or carried
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out by terrorists. the injured officer did not suffer life-threatening injuries. the police are tracking every lead to figure out who the suspects are, a sea of officers going door to door searching that quiet suburb. tonight, we spoke with a former fbi agent about what happened and what happens next. jay korff continues our team coverage. the police have descended upon and apartment or house near san bernardino. they believe this is one of the homes of one of the suspects. we just got information confirmed by our i-team it is a suspect identified by farouk,gators as sayed who has an address in the redlands. investigators from the bomb squad are trying to determine what motivated these killers. darkuspects put on
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tactical gear, carrying assault style weapons, ending their violent siege with the police. fbi special agent brad garrett believes there is much to learn about their suspects, methods, and motives. it is they doual not appear to want to stay. they left. they may have had masks, and then they got caught. jay: the shooting was inside of a facility that serves people with development build disabilities, a soft target, the kind of place that terrorists say they want to hit. >> it gives whoever this was a great deal of outrage to instill in us this idea of helplessness. i think that's why they went after this target. enforcement leaders do not know if this was unleashed by terrorists or not. colonel anthony schaeffer believes based on the profile the suspects appear to have training. >> no matter who did it, this is
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bad because it shows soft targets can be had in the united states. centere leader of the that was targeted said the conference center where the shooting to place was rented out to a yet to be identified health care provider. a lot of answers we will get in the coming hours. jay korff, abc 7 news. jonathan: closer to home, today shooting was fresh on the minds of those in a d.c. police event. it connects the police department with the public and teaches district residents more about police tactics and the kind of crisis we saw in california. tom roussey has what d.c. police chief thing about the mass shooting. jonathan, tonight they focused on things police officers encounter all the time but everyone's mind was on what
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the police were encountering on the west coast just hours before. >> step out of the vehicle, both hands in the air. participating in the community engagement academy receiving training. the idea was to show what it is like to interact with people from the police's perspective. >> i have a different outlook. : although this focused on every day scenarios, the scenario in california was not far from anyone's mind. we have a large, well-trained facility in the district. the shooter is shooting at people who have no defense. the officers have to respond. it's not a swat team operation anymore. tom: on average, most of the happensoting before the police get there. the advice? getf lanier: if you cannot
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out, it is an individual choice you have to make and it depends on the scenario. average, a mass shooting is over in less than 10 minutes, but even the best police department in the country's response times is five to seven minutes. tom roussey, abc 7 news. jonathan: with the news out of california, it is human nature that people are very worried, some are scared, so motivated to buy firearms. this past friday was the busiest shopping day for firearms in our nation's history. that got us curious, a poll -- does today's mass shooting in california make you more likely to arm yourself or support tighter gun control? nearly 60% are in favor of tighter gun laws. we invite you to weight i in.
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we continue to watch the investigation closely in california. we will have a live report. for with abc 7 and updates around the clock. leon: not much going on here with the weather. chilly temperatures are ahead. steve rudin is here with the outlook. steve: cooler temperatures on the way. skiestonight, once the clear, that is when the temperatures will fall and you will feel the difference early tomorrow morning. ashburn, college park a degree cooler at 51. the day planner from the belfort furniture weather center, low 40's in town at 7:00 in the morning. sunglasses.d it will be chilly, but high of only 50. sunshine of the 70 outlook. we will talk about that and the upcoming weekend forecast. never too early to talk about
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the weekend. aon: a guilty plea and a date shooting incident in a target store parking lot. -- in a deadly shooting incident in a target store parking lot. documents,o court the couple had dated about six months, then broke up. the woman stopped contacting him and eventually agreed to meet him in public. background,ith his on the sex offender registry, should not be about to get access to any handgun. leon: he is facing life in prison when sentencing february. tonight, gop front runner donald trump is in manassas for a campaign event, but it was briefly interrupted by protesters. has been dodging controversies after mocking a disabled reporter.
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richard reeve was at tonight's rally. richard: donald trump got a rockstar reception. >> he says what a lot of us americans are afraid to say. : richard clearly happy with a jump in the polls. >> this is a movement. richard: for everyone inside the rally, and the long lines -- >> those of us concerned about veterans, radical islam, and immigration. richard: there were protesters outside. >> i think he is a bigot. outraged aty are his statements that illegal immigrants are rapists who bring crime and drugs into the u.s. tonight, trump focused on the economy and health care. >> we will get rid of obamacare, which is a disaster. richard: and how he would do a better job stopping isis.
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>> he is more worried about global warming. richard: many say they like his tough rhetoric. i guess it is the chance you take. you don't know until they are in office. richard: a poignant moment was when trump called for a moment of silence for the california victims. did he win votes tonight? it's hard to say, but virginia is such a valuable political real estate he most likely will be back. it willitain announced launch new airstrikes against isis. after a 10 hour debate, british lawmakers agreed to execute airstrikes in syria. yesterday, defense secretary ash carter announced additional special forces are being deployed to iraq and syria to combat isis. to follow theinue
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breaking news in california, 14 dead after a terrifying shooting at a social services building.
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jonathan: we continue to follow the breaking news in san bernardino california after a shooting at a social services building. the police tracked down an suv and engaged in a shoot out with the suspects, killing two of them, but not before they were throwing pipe bombs at the police. there are also reports of a possible third suspect. with paul, a now reporter from san bernardino. can you clear this up -- is there a third suspect the police are looking for? yes, we will say that a third person has been detained. that is the term they are using to be careful. this person ran away from the scene. they do not know if they ran away in fear because of the massive shootout in standoff, or they ran away because they were fleeing the authorities. neighbors had reported they saw
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some people jumping over backyard fences, although this could have been law enforcement. a person being detained could be the key, a linchpin to a future investigation. if they are a suspect, you now have a survivor and could get clues as to why these people went into what was a holiday party at the center and shot it up, killing 14 and injuring 17. jonathan: so many people want to know what would motivate two, three people to shoot the center up. have the authorities give an indication terrorism was part of this? there are more and more indications this could have been an act of terror. let me tell you what happened -- the fbi special agent in charge will not back away from that come indicated there is some movement towards that. we understand there was a holiday party here. one of the suspects was at this party and somehow left angry,
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then returned with two cohorts. in the last few minutes, this is interesting, california muslims will hold a press conference in anaheim condemning these attacks , and they now say one of the relatives of the suspects will also be speaking. connecting,ot of dot- i understand, but it's interesting they think it is important to come out and make a statement. we will see what happens with that. jonathan: paul, thank you for your time. there will be another press briefing in moments. when that happens, we will bring you that information. stay with abc 7 for for updates. leon, back to you. parts.ots of moving how about here, with the weather? on thebetter weather is way. we have had rain the last three days, and the sunshine is coming back, i promise, looking a lot brighter and cooler into the day
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tomorrow. 58 degrees was the high this afternoon at reagan national airport. the average this time of year is 51. degrees. record, 73 right now, 54, mostly cloudy skies, 54 andrews, leesburg 50, 56 cumberland. the cooler air is finally beginning through. 38 pittsburgh, 30 five detroit, low 30's chicago, a good indication of the cooler air on the way tomorrow. the heaviest of the rain is long gone. put the number lows away. tomorrow morning, a sweater, jacket, hat and gloves, and sunglasses. you will need the sunglasses not only tomorrow but the upcoming weekend. 45 overnight, the temperatures really falling especially off to the west. , 39rrow, ashburn 38
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manassas. lots of sunshine tomorrow, no cloud cover, it will be beautiful for the christmas tree lighting downtown at the white house. i will be there at 4:00 through 6:00. the tree lighting forecast, for those of you who may be getting up early to get through security, temperatures in the middle 40's. degrees, 4:00 in the afternoon, near 50. once the sun sets, the temperatures will tumble. the next seven day, friday low 50's, 53 saturday. national harbor on saturday, come on by. the temperature stay above average into early next week. a chance of showers tuesday and wednesday. leon: how about something lighter to end the day?
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the capitol christmas tree was late tonight, marking a long-standing holiday tradition. the tree traveled all the way from alaska this year, the first tree to have traveled by boat. it will be lit every night through christmas. giving,the season for and we want you to enjoy our entire abc 7 news channel 8 team at national harbor. join us and bring an unwrapped toy and meet us from 11:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon so we can deliver a wonderful christmas memories to kids around the region. boy, the wizards did not deliver great memories today. robert: not at all. kobe dropped 31. putght it look like kob the >> and now the toyota sports
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desk, brought to you by your toyota dealers. played hise bryant final game against the wizards tonight in d.c. with hair, putse the lakers up by three, splice. the takeover continues. left, the bucket. the wizards lose 108-104. here he is after the game. kobe: it was great. it was fun. it felt really good to play the game in front of the fans and to have that amount of appreciation and love. it really is a beautiful thing. football, college
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michigan defensive coordinator was named the head football coach for the terps, replacing randy edsall who was fired after the terps loss to ohio state. andas spent time in the sec pac-12 and big ten. gw fake fulfilling the smith center. filling theithful smith center tonight. they saw a good one, highlighted by the performance of tyler kavanaugh. takes care ofw seton hall. the colonials are on their way to a top 25 ranking. they upset virginia earlier this year. fifth-ranked maryland women at home taking on syracuse. walker-kimbrough --
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walker-kimbrough had 17 points. the final tonight, 82-64 maryland. year, a viral sensation with flag football moves. she is back with an entire 2015 highlight reel with her sporty sisters. leon: she has a highlight reel? and a final note, the warriors remain perfect on the season. steph curry finished with 40. he had 28 in the third quarter. leon: playing him right now is almost not fair. steph curry is now doing what kobe used to. leon: "top chef" is entering its 13th season.
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discover the world animals, seen those before but sometimes they do it on their own mmm foot wow food for giants oooo no wonder no one has eaten this sandwich kids discover the world with their mouths detergent is harmful if swallowed, so keep laundry pacs up and away from children
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brought to you by tide leon: d.c. chefs are in the
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national spotlight. one of those competing on bravo is from the area. "top chef" is one of the shows i've always aspired to be on.
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to be called to the show and not have to audition was very big for me. leon: his first restaurant opens later this winter in northwest. we wish all three of the d.c. chefs good luck.
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steve: the sun will be out tomorrow, 50 the high, cooler today.d with the weekend looks fantastic. ist chance of showers tuesday and wednesday of next week. eileen whelan is in bright and early with "good morning washington." leon: that time of year, sunglasses in the morning, blankets at night. thank you for joining us tonight.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- liv tyler, ufc champion conor mcgregor, music from g-eazy, and ben affleck with an exclusive "batman vs. superman: dawn of justice" trailer, with cleto and the cletones. and now, tell you what, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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